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PPC Advertising News Archive 2009

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December 22,
Software vender's chart shows disturbing search trends from children

Security and parental control software maker Norton has published a list of top searches in 2009 for children under 18, under 12 and under 7.

December 15,
Branchr Advertising launches CPM ad network

Branchr Advertising has launched a new ad network, offering a CPM model for billing for the first time.

December 10,
Microsoft and Yahoo! finalise 10-year search deal

The landmark 10-year search deal between Microsoft and Yahoo! has now been finalised, which will see Bing power Yahoo's search engine in return for Yahoo! selling advertising.

December 8,
BT Tradespace introduces video ads

GBT has launched version 2.0 of BT Tradespace, the UK's first social networking site dedicated entirely to businesses.

November 27,
Google launches new search ad formats

Google has broadened its search ad formats to include videos and maps as well as images and price comparison features for specific products.

November 19,
Google and Bing on the rise as Yahoo! falls behind

The latest figures from comScore reveal that both Google and Microsoft are inching ahead in the US search engine rankings, with Yahoo! losing ground.

November 12,
Video ads are fastest growing online advertising sector

Online video advertising is booming, with major news websites giving increasingly prominent position to video bulletins that generate advertising revenue.

November 3, 2009
Microsoft-Yahoo! partnership delayed until 2010

The search deal between Microsoft and Yahoo! has been postponed until early 2010.

October 27,
Google announces Social Search

Google has announced its new Social Search feature, which combines results from social networks including blogs, micro-blogging sites Twitter and FriendFeed.

October 22,
Bing shows social stripes with Facebook and Twitter search updates

Microsoft has announced that Bing will be integrating Twitter and Facebook updates into search results.

October 15,
Bing loses advertisers as Google achieves record high

Bing has experienced an 8 per cent drop in first-page advertising, according to the latest report from research company AdGooRoo.

October 8, 2009
Internet ad revenue declines 5.3% in first half

Internet advertising revenue fell 5.3% in the first half from the same six-month period in 2008, according to a report released Monday by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

October 1,
What makes a great Pay-Per-Click ad?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective marketing tools on the internet. It’s cost-efficient, because you only pay for ads which are clicked on; and it’s a great way to promote your site.

September 23, 2009
Yahoo to launch big branding campaign worldwide

Yahoo has announced the upcoming debut of its largest, and first worldwide, branding campaign, funded to the tune of $100 million.

September 17, 2009
Bing is fastest growing search engine in the US

Microsoft's search engine Bing is becoming a fierce competitor to Google, securing a market share of nearly 11 per cent since its launch in June.

September 10, 2009
Google unveils plans to charge for news content

Google has unveiled plans to introduce micropayments for news content published to its site from third party newspapers.

August 26,
Social networking 'a key strategy' for internet marketing services

Social networking sites are being used more frequently as part of advertisers' communication initiatives, a new report has indicated.

July 29, 2009
Yahoo, Microsoft announce search pact to challenge Google

Yahoo and Microsoft Corp. announced Wednesday a partnership in which Yahoo will use Microsoft's Bing as its default search engine.

July 28, 2009
Pay Per Click Marketing Fraud Down In Second Quarter

The rate in click fraud has decreased from 2009's first-quarter figures recorded by Click Forensics' reporting service, the Click Fraud Index.

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Mar 15, 2013
Social media has grown up

A new study has declared that social networks are no longer in their infancy and have graduated to a new phase of development.

Nov 16, 2012
Online technology to be looked at by the OFT

The Office of Fair Trading is set to examine how companies monitor the online habits and actions of shoppers.

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