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PPC Advertising News Archive 2011

 PPC Advertisisng News Archive 2011

Nov 04,
Yahoo! snaps up interclick

The search industry's perennial underdog, Yahoo!, has acquired advertising and tech software company interclick for $270 million (£168 million).

Sep 16,
Yahoo! hustles display ad deal to fend off Facebook

Carol Bartz may have just left the building, but Yahoo!'s newest CEO Tim Morse is already attempting to boost the portal's performance and fill the firm's coffers by flash-selling display adverts.

July 29,
Baidu's ad-charged profits surge by 95 per cent

Baidu's profits surged by 95 per cent in the second quarter of 2011 thanks to increased display and search advertising revenues.

July 28,
Yahoo!'s profits slump

Yahoo!'s profits have slumped - with the firm's top brass shifting blame to Microsoft's underperforming Ad Centre and Yahoo!'s recent sales management shuffle.

July 19,
Poor spelling could cost websites millions

Poor spelling could cost e-retailers millions in lost sales - with a single spelling mistake estimated to cut online sales by half.

June 23,
Unlucky Google? Ad acquisition faces anti-trust

US Department of Justice has given Mountain View the nod to bid for Nortel's much-desired mobile patents, Google's $400 million spend on internet ad company Admeld has sparked an anti-trust investigation all of its own.

June 23,
Global mobile ad sales to hit $3.3 billion this year

Gartner Research have tipped global mobile ad sales will double to total $3.3 billion this year and could top $20 billion by 2015. 

June 14,
Google leads US search engine rankings for May

With a 65.5 market share, Google Sites led the US explicit core search market in May, up 0.1 per cent on the month before, according to comScore. Yahoo finished second with a 15.9 per cent share and Microsoft's sites came third with a 14.1 per cent share. 

June 10,
US mobile advertising doubles in two years

US Mobile Advertising has more than doubled in the last two years, according to a new report from comScore. In April 2011, 689 advertisers utilised mobile display advertising campaigns, a massive 128 per cent jump from two years previously. 

May 30,
Marketing gets social: 50 million Facebook users 'like' brands every day

Facebook is now an essential online marketing tool, says FB's Chief Operating officer Sheryl Sandberg.

May 10,
Online display delivers 1.1 trillion impressions to US users

Nearly 1.11 trillion display advertisements were delivered to the American internet user during the first quarter of 2011, according to industry analysts comScore.

April 18,
Search, mobile and display advertising spend soars to $26 billion

Analysts say advertising's survived the credit crunch's worst, and search, mobile and display advertising spends are soaring - making online advertising worth an estimated $26 billion a year stateside. 

April 11,
Advertisers – do behave! Only 1% of web users turn off behavioural ads

While advertisers originally forecasted that the introduction of anti-tracking browser features would put a dent in their ability to profile and target consumers, new research from the IAB shows they needn't have worried, as less than 1 per cent of users have chosen to opt out of targeted behavioural ads over the last year. 

April 7,
The internet claims a quarter of all UK advertising spending

The internet now takes up a quarter of all advertising spending in the UK, according to figures released by the Internet Advertising Bureau and accountants PwC. 

March 29,
EU trademark ruling could have implications for AdWords

Recent recommendations from officials in the judicial branch of the European Union government could mean big changes for how businesses handle their online advertisements.

March 09,
StatCounter places Bing as search's second banana for first time

The results are in for the latest round of StatCounter's analysis of the search engine market, and the firm has declared Bing as claiming the silver medal of search, still a long way off from gold-grabbers Google but squeaking past battered bronze recipients Yahoo!

February 07,
Yahoo! launches AdLabs

After revealing that display advertising is boosting Yahoo!'s otherwise flagging financials, the web portal has launched AdLabs - a service that will reportedly combine success-measuring ad metrics and science to stimulate innovation in the online advertising sphere.

January 25,
Online advertising world to come under ASA jurisdiction

Online marketing communications are soon to fall under the jurisdiction of the Advertising Standards Authority and the regulators have released a cross-media campaign to ensure we know all about it.

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Mar 15, 2013
Social media has grown up

A new study has declared that social networks are no longer in their infancy and have graduated to a new phase of development.

Nov 16, 2012
Online technology to be looked at by the OFT

The Office of Fair Trading is set to examine how companies monitor the online habits and actions of shoppers.

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